DragonCon neck beard Rock God of podcasting

RGOP: Chasing the Dragon (DragonCon Yo!)

DragonCon is the magic that is the perfect hybrid of professionalism and fandom on for the podcaster with heart. I take you from neck beards to amazing adventures all through the stories in this episode.

working relationships vs personal relationships

RGOP: Working Relationships vs Personal Relationships

I am tasked with discussing the difference between working relationships vs personal relationships. This is never a black and white topic as you will see with my stories on my office interactions, my friendships, and how I want my business to run.

deja-poo Rock God of Podcasting Find Happiness

Rock God Of Podcasting: Find Happiness

Mike Woodard returns to ask the question “When you can’t make progress in a job or career then what do you do?” My answer is the not so simple find happiness. I share the path of jobs I have had and the dead ends I hit. And I show you how I got to the concept of when you are unable to find progress find happiness and the steps I took to make it happen.