RGOP: Chasing the Dragon (DragonCon Yo!)

Intro to DragonCon

B.C. Dodge inspired me to tell my story of how I came to be involved with DragonCon and why. This leads through one of the tenants of my life which is to chase your passion, and gets us to stories of how when you truly do what you love then it all flows together for a happy life. The basic principle I am talking about today is “giving from love”. I wind my way from the ripe young age of 18 years old when I first heard about DragonCon all the way to now when I get to influence strongly how the track runs.

Journeying from thinking Dragon Con was just a bunch of weird neck-beards who left their basement to go to another one to be deeply involved in presenting content for the podcasting track, you get a much deeper exploration of what worked for me to be successful in relationships, jobs, and in life overall. On the surface, you hear about the one job I was fired from in my life. Then a bit of my journey through the Bear Crawling Nation, and hopefully, you see me shine a light on how the hybrid of professionalism and fandom that DragonCon is will change podcasting forever.

The Heart of the Dragon

When I finally went to DragonCon I was blown away by the heart of the people there. The “Professional” podcasters truly want to entertain, connect, and better their community. Each one of them did everything they could to teach us how to be better at podcasting, sharing our passions, and how to get over our fears/hang-ups to become the person that people are fans of. Cutting to the chase – I have a five-year traceable path that giving from a place of love takes you from being somewhat unknown (but googleable) to being the person that enables others to be amazingly awesome. I love how attendees over and over have treated me like a rock star and my desire is to enable as many podcasters as I can to feel this way and has that experience.

This show is all about my stories but it is really about the shared human experience. The best way to share is to have you participate so I need more questions from you! Email me RGOP@charlesmcfall.com and hit me with your best shot – maybe you will get brand new stories out of me and bring some new adventures to the world.






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