RGOP: The Rise and Fall of the Bearcrawling Nation

Long before the Giant Size Team Up came around I always knew I never wanted to be a solo act. While I have come into accepting my awesomeness, I still know working with a team brings about change more effectively than me alone. My first real attempt at this in the podcasting world was the Bearcrawling Nation. As I found my first path to success I attracted many others, however, you attract what you focus on and I believed I was a failure (then) without others. So this is the tale of the rise and fall of the Bearcrawling Nation.

This show is all about my stories but it is really about the shared human experience. Therefore the best way to share is to have you participate so I need more questions from you! Email me RGOP@charlesmcfall.com and hit me with your best shot – maybe you will get brand new stories out of me and bring some new adventures to the world.






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