RGOP: Working Relationships vs Personal Relationships

I am tasked with discussing the difference between working relationships vs personal relationships. This is never a black and white topic as you will see with my stories on my office interactions, my friendships, and how I want my business to run.

Over the years I have been asked “why work spouse relationships will fail”, “how can working relationships be maintained”, and “what’s the difference in working relationships vs personal relationships.” So for today’s run through I tackle my history of working and share with you the horrible relationships and the good ones. Then I move into how I personally keep them separate if I do. See there is also the paradigm – if done correctly there is no separation. Finally, I get to how I ran my first company and failed, then what I am doing differently with Giant Size Team Up and this crew. I have found that when you attract the right people business can be family and vice versa.

Changing the conversation

When you understand who you are it changes everything you do. Relationships are complicated because we want others to tell us (or validate) who we are. Come along for the ride that is my life and my stories that cover “Working Relationships vs Personal Relationships”

This show is all about my stories but it is really about the shared human experience. Therefore the best way to share is to have you participate so I need more questions from you! Email me RGOP@charlesmcfall.com and hit me with your best shot – maybe you will get brand new stories out of me and bring some new adventures to the world.






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