Rock God of Podcasting: The Issue is Mine

Sometimes I know my topic and sometimes I don’t. Today I know that I will be discussing the idea that “it’s my issue” when I have a problem and what is going on to trigger it.

Every story I tell today is intertwined in the sphere of my life. If you look (or listen) to it in a straight line it is very difficult to connect the dots. Yet if you see it in a sphere as all of our lives are you see the interconnectivity very easily. I range from why I am changing how I do the show, to my recent experiences with my mother-in-law, to discovering what my longest running issue is. Still, am working out the details on the healing of it, but I know without a doubt that no matter how far I get in life, no matter how much success I get I feel like I am alone.

The Long Term Issue

It is the curse of a visionary to see what is to come and to be the only one to see it. However, I am coping with the deep emotional struggle that accompanies the abilities that I have. For me, it is one thing to trust in what I know is to come when no one else can see it, yet I was unaware that I had filled the emptiness gap with my wife’s love and attention. When that was taken away temporarily I ended up facing and fighting the demons that were still there.

To complicate matters you get to hear the first told stories of the emotions that accompanied the six-month-long process of my wife’s mother dying from the perspective of a husband who knows the truths of the universe and yet can do nothing to stop the pain.

This episode is a bit of a journey into darkness with some humor and some great live interactions. By the end, there is a beginning of an understanding of the next phase of who I am and the healing to go with it.

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