Rock God of Podcasting: Is it it really important to you if everything else takes precedence.

As I have struggled in keeping to a regular schedule for this show I have had to ask myself “Is this really what I truly want if I am letting other life influences get in the way?” This applies to relationships where we give our focus/time/energy to others instead of the ones we say we love. This episode has changed how I view doing RGOP episodes, how I go about Patreon, and how the show will be delivered going forward.

What is changing?

The first change is that I will be going to Facebook live on, but it will be on a moving schedule. The target goal is to put the podcast out regularly and record when time allows. My other intent is to allow for everyone attached to my pages the opportunity to interact and organically shape the show each week. While I am thriving without a direct co-host, I found I have much better energy when others can throw in a random concept or question that launches me into new areas. This will be raw and real with the polish coming in the podcast. I am starting with “recording live” and may grow into a polished live show later.

Next, I will download the Facebook video and add it to youtube. So if you subscribe there you will continue to get the videos delivered, just now it will be on a regular schedule. Then currently the podcast will follow later after the recording but will remain on a steady schedule and be portable for you.



I started off with success behind me and assumed this show would capture a good Patreon audience. I failed to consider that every project starts off new and needs to grow naturally. So while Patreon is still in existence it has been toned down. As this show grows I am confident rewards and pledges will come naturally. My first goal is to change lives and share experiences in a way that only I can. I am focusing on that currently but know that my ultimate dream is to make my living speaking live on stage and through new media platforms.




Show posted on Blog Talk Radio also.